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We are a Las Vegas bus company and provide the bus transportation in and around Las Vegas, Nevada.

The RTC began the Citizens Area Transit (CAT) bus system in December 1992; In 2004 the RTC added the first Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) line to its transit system; and in October 2005 The DEUCE double deck bus service began running on the famous Las Vegas Strip. In just 12 short years, ridership among the RTC's transit services has grown from 14.9 million riders in 1993 to more than 61 million riders in 2006. For more detailed information check our Fact & Figures information sheet.

The entire system consists of 46 routes served by 336 vehicles, carrying around 180,000 passengers each weekday in the greater Las Vegas Valley. Service enhancements are completed regularly and new transit guides are issued twice each year.

Most routes operate 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a week, and 14 routes operate 24-hours a day. Check the routes and schedules for more specific information.

Las Vegas bus routes and schedules are subject to change to improve service throughout the community. Watch for Rider Alert notices. For the latest information and scheduling, call CAT-RIDE (702-228-7433). Times shown in schedules are approximations. Actual arrival and departure times may vary with conditions. All information is subject to change.

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) launched its new Double Decker bus service on the Las Vegas Strip in true Las Vegas fashion on Thursday, Oct. 27 2005. The dedication included a tour of the Deuce, and the changing of the guards as the double deckers were handed off from official “palace guards” to Las Vegas showgirls.

The Deuce provides another exclusive transportation option for locals and visitors alike along the busy Las Vegas Strip. The double decker bus accommodates 97 people and provides both an economical and environmentally sound transit option.

If you are connecting via a low-bandwidth (dial-up) connection, use the links above to learn about the Deuce, if you are connecting via a high-speed connection (DSL, cable) click "Interactive Tour " above to learn about the Deuce, it's features, the vehicle itself, and about TVMs (Ticket Vending Machines). We thank you and hope you are just as excited about the Deuce as we are.



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